What We Do

Key Services include:

  • Business Plans, forecasts and prospectuses: Learning and improving through business results.
  • Business Coaching: Deciding on what you want and need and how you can get it is a vital start to achieving that dream.
  • Mentoring: Nearly forty years of advising businesses has shown me a number of recurrent problems and the solutions.
  • Project assessment and management: Providing that extra senior input and time that you may need periodically.
  • Acting as sounding-board: Running your own business is a lonely task, you can share some of that load.
  • Producing accounts and returns: Let my team take up some of the compliance task.
  • Redirecting finance departments to reduce debtors and stock and to enhance cash flow: Help your staff to achieve the right result by directing them.
  • Negotiating contracts: It’s not just Brexit negotiations that benefit from a calm third party negotiator to absorb pressure and keep the process on track.
  • Negotiating Inland Revenue matters: the Devil is in the details, we need to pay attention to the law, to good practice and to the facts. HMRC Inspectors always benefit from proper attention.
  • Tenders: the attention to detail once again is important both in presentation and in clearly grasping what the tendering body wants and needs.
  • Tax structuring of transactions: We want to avoid the many questionable schemes being marketed, but careful attention to how we manage our affairs will optimise our taxation position.
  • Budget setting and budget control: It sounds old fashioned but there is nothing so effective as predicting your business and learning from the actual out-turn.
  • Research & Development tax advice: The Government would lie you to receive assistance in your R&D activities.
  • Raising money under EIS and SEIS: This legislation is very technical, yet is often the answer to a new company especially in the technical sector.
  • Property sales and bid management: As with all negotiations, calmness and distance from the ultimate owner or purchaser can cut through the negotiating games people play.
  • Finance director: You may benefit from a finance director, but you really do not need one five days a week.
  • I have worked in France, Germany, and Switzerland.

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