Charles H Vasey LLB FCA FTII

Chartered Accountant Practising Since 1992

Welcome to Charles Vasey & Co.

I am a chartered accountant (FCA and FTII) in commercial practice since 1992 in Mortlake, near Richmond in London dealing with book-keeping, accounts, taxation, budgeting, staff incentives (including share schemes), Research and Development, negotiations, strategic planning and coaching. I worked in the City from 1979 to 1992 working in audit, investigations, tax and venture capital.

My favourite sector is working with owner managers of small and medium (and very occasionally large) businesses. I like to deal with the people whose capital is at risk and who will benefit from successes that we can achieve together.

My aim is for you to maximise profits, build a successful business that gives you a solid lifestyle and, who knows, a nice capital sum when you dispose of it. We achieve this together not by using questionable tax schemes or dodgy accounting but by applying solid principles to recording and learning from the financial results of the business. Those results give us a constant update on how we are doing against strategic plans, goals and budgets. We often cannot avoid problems but we can ensure that we learn from them and do not repeat them.

Cash is king always, and profit must be important, but so is managing and incentivising staff. Most important however is the individual who is most often the most important and the least well remunerated – the business owner, you.

You can read about my various service offerings at “What I do” and my clients at “Who I work with”. Please have a look at them, they should fit the needs of many businesses

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss any of the issues your business might have.

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